Are You The Right Owner

We are thankful for all the generous donations we have received this year.  Due to a computer scam we lost a great deal of our donors  names who normally would be thanked on our site. 



Are You the right owner for a German Shepherd Dog?     

You Have the time and desire to interact with and teach your German Shepherd the “things to do”  and “ things not to do”.  You include your German Shepherd in your daily activities.

You are able to frequently expose your dog to MANY different places, different people, and other dogs.

You can provide a job for your German Shepherd or are interested in doing obedience, tracking, schutzhund, agility, therapy, and other work with your German Shepherd Dog.

You admire a big dog and have the physical ability to handle it.

You are a confident leader and able to provide direction without being abusive. You are someone who will communicate clearly that You are in charge.

You are not  "house proud" and does not mind the grooming and exercise involved in keeping a large, double coated, energetic dog.

You appreciate a protective dog that may intimidate strangers. You can verbally control your dog’s behavior when unknown guests arrive.

You have the financial means to ensure your dog gets daily exercise, proper nutrition, health care, and training.  Average Dog Ownership costs for a German Shepherd are $800-$ 1,200 per YEAR!

You are willing to accept that there are both pros and cons to owning any dog and that the German Shepherd -- despite its popularity and fame  -- is not the perfect dog for everyone.