2013 Donations

We are thankful for all the generous donations we have received this year.  Due to a computer scam we lost a great deal of our donors  names who normally would be thanked on our site. 




Many thanks to all of you wonderful people who have made generous donations for assisting us in the care of our wonderful dogs. Words are not enough to express our gratitude.

Elaine Pyatak-Wright   -In Georgettes memory and from India.

Kay Satterfield   

Ann Marie Fitzsimmons  -We cannot thank you enough.

Dennis Edwards 

Jon Nevins

Sherrie Beaudette - Many thanks for all you do.

In memory of Edward Hausman  /  Nancy Fusco, Mary Zimmerman and Martha Wilson 

For the benefit of Sadie. 

Wade Brown – for Trucker in memory of my little girl Mystique.

Elizabeth Rublein  – for Princess

Diane Mohr  – Thank you for helping Princess

Annette Mieryteran

Loretta Stadler   – For Princess

Kim Rahrle  – Thanks Kim for the donation plus the donation of the Kuranda bed.

Valerie Werkheiser – For the rescue of Princess, thanks.

Georgia Prunty_For the rescue of Princess from the ACC . Thank you.

Laurence Beck  –For Princess

Lisa M. Lavalle – For Princess and all the dogs rescued from NYACC and Brooklyn ACC.

Diane Landry – For Princess

Jonathan Mirsky

Susanne Zainelli -For the rescue of Princess


 Yard Sales for Needy Tails Maureen Bedard  In memory of Princess    /    Ann Marie Fitzsimmons   / Pat Kneer  For  Trucker     / Ann Marie Fitzsimmons        For Trucker and where money may be needed   /Frank Lane   /Deborah Pierce  In honor of Princess   /    Sherrie Beaudette    /    Nicholas and Carol Ann Brongo  " From Zeus"    /   Ms. Margaret M. Billings for her generous United Way donation.      / Ann Marie Fitzsimmmons  for her repeated generosity to GSRCNY.      /  Patty Snyder.      /     On behalf and in  memory of Carolyn Campbell our co-founder who passed away April 13, 2013.       The Iroquois German Shepherd Dog Club.    /Ann Marie Fitzsimmons  - many thanks for your donations.     / Casey Barduhn      /                           Ann Marie Fitzsimmons-   Again our thanks     /  In memory of Karlie who died too young last August. Patty Joyce       /  In memory of Brett Warner by Falk precision Inc.      / Ann Marie Fitzsimmons.        /  Casey Barduhn        /  Karl and Elizabeth Esmark        /  Ann Marie Fitzsimmons- We cannot thank you enough.            /  Ms. Iva Lesky.         /  James and Margaret Homburger-  Many thanks.        /  Paul and Margaret Crossett.       / Ms. Iva Lesky.          / Ann Marie Fitzsimmons.           / Lorraine Brewer- We can never give you enough thanks for your generosity to gsrcny.         / Mike Bleem.           / Lorraine and Michael Brewer for their generosity.      / Fred and Karen Spinx in memory of Jeanette Fitzsimmons.            / Peter and Joan Colman for enzymes donated for our EPI dogs.            / Our gratitude to the Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation.              / Susan Barduhn.              / Quinn ,  Hara and housemate Pamela Lawrence for their generosity at Christmas time,           / Ann Marie Fitzsimmons for a very generous donation in her mother Jeanette Fitzsimmons name.  We cannot thank you enough for your continued generosity.          / Sherrie Beaudette - Thank you for your continued generosity.      /