Donations 2013

Many thanks to all of you wonderful people who have made generous donations for assisting us in the care of our wonderful dogs. Words are not enough to express our gratitude.


Elaine Pyatak-Wright   -In Georgettes memory and from India.

Kay Satterfield   

Ann Marie Fitzsimmons  -We cannot thank you enough.

Dennis Edwards 

Jon Nevins

Sherrie Beaudette - Many thanks for all you do.

In memory of Edward Hausman  /  Nancy Fusco, Mary Zimmerman and Martha Wilson 

For the benefit of Sadie. 

Wade Brown – for Trucker in memory of my little girl Mystique.

Elizabeth Rublein  – for Princess

Diane Mohr  – Thank you for helping Princess

Annette Mieryteran

Loretta Stadler   – For Princess

Kim Rahrle  – Thanks Kim for the donation plus the donation of the Kuranda bed.

Valerie Werkheiser – For the rescue of Princess, thanks.

Georgia Prunty_For the rescue of Princess from the ACC . Thank you.

Laurence Beck  –For Princess

Lisa M. Lavalle – For Princess and all the dogs rescued from NYACC and Brooklyn ACC.

Diane Landry – For Princess

Jonathan Mirsky.

Susanne Zainelli -For the rescue of Princess.


Karl and Elizabeth Esmark.


Paul and Margaret Crossett.


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons - we cannot thank you enough.


Steven Barclay and Gretchen Onderdonk.


Lynn Schweikert and Petie.


John and Patricia Connor,


Blix and Dad Kendall and Mom Catherine