Donations 2014

Ann Marie Fitzsimmons - We are forever grateful for  your continued generosity.


Sheba Connor and family.



Nancy Narosky.


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons Trucker sends his thanks.


Ralph and Chris Holmes.



Bill Prentice.


Tanya Miller for the Kuranda bed,


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons for your continued generosity,


In memory of Jeanette Fitzsimmons,  Louise Hogan and Phyllis DiMiero.


John and Pat Schwartz


Nicholas , Carol and Zeus Brongo,


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons,



Carol and Arthur Cuthbert in memory of Apollo.



Margaret M. Schneidert  For Ava



Barbara Wallace for Ava



Cindy Angelucci for Ava via Marie Hallock-Sweet


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons - we cannot thank you enough.


Megan Savage


Tanya Miller


Luke Akin


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons


Megan Savage


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons


Charlotte and Charles Scarselli


Aileen Dawley


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons


Samantha Kopecky


Kimberly Hogan-Morley


Laurie Nemconsky


Brigitte Page


In memory of Sviat Hohakan

Terri Dubik and Charlene Marzowski ...



Gail Anderson


Ann Marie Fitzsimmons

The family of Mary Barduhn and friends who have donatwed in her name.


Martha B. Ihrman


Daniel Stack DVM.


Dorothy Zaris


Gail Anderson


Kelelyn LeMay




Ann Marie Fitzsimmons


Carol Brongo


Andrew Jordan


Michael Bleem


Kayla Barclay


James and Margaret Homburger


Charles and Charlotte Scarselli


John, Suzanne Graves and Merry Christmas from Meg.


Kelly and Catherine McCabe


James Brady in memory of Cookie.


John and Patti Connor and Queen Sheba