Donations 2015

We cannot thank all of you enough for your generous donations.
Steven Barclay and Gretchen Onderdonk
Roberta Schmidt in memory of MARY BARDUHN
Carole Smith  
Ann Marie Fitzsimmons
Ann Marie Fitzsimmons
Lauren Millette
Fabrice Boutefeu
Teresa Fiumara-Dubik
Ann Marie Fitzsimmons
William and Mary Muldoon IN MEMORY OF WILMA BARTLETT
Rieg Pledge for Ava and family
Kristy Wymore Pledge for Ava and pups
Donna Elliott Pledge for Ava and pups
Shelly Campbell Pledge for Ava and babies
Patricia Rouse Pledge for Ava and pups
Anna Kaloudis Pledge for Texas mum and pups
Karen Hughes Pledge for Ava and pups
Mary MINSKY Pledge for saving Ava and pups
Sandra Thacker Pledge for mom and pups saved from Texas
Patricia Brown Pledge for Ava and pups
Ann Marie Fitzsimmons
Hazel Weston Milton Roach For Ava and pups
Evelyn Staton Pledge for Ava and pups
Laura Molino Donation for Ava and her pups
Brigitte Page A new Kuranda bed for the GSDS
Lauren Millette for Ginger and her medication/health needs
Tonya A. Cotton For Ava and her pups Thank you all so much.
Patricia Brown For saving Ava and he pups and for driving down to get her.
Susan Fensten To hopefully help the little pup in Brooklyn,Thank you.
Marcia Bower Sending love to the puppies
Julie Teicher Jude Weis I have been following the pups on facebook.Hoping this helps with vet bills.
Marie Schnitzer
Brigitte Page
Diana Siegel
Jennifer Gardner
Suhani Singhai
Carl Giancarli
Susan Pratt
Teresa Fish This donation is a memorial to honor my aunt, WILMA BARTLETT
Carol Brongo and Zeus
Barbara Vondras Davon pledge
Steph Sito Davon pledge
Merrie Henshaw Corbett Davon pledge
Rhonda Mailey Davon pledge
Teresa Russo Davon pledge
Lori Carroll Davon pledge
Teresa Capshaw Davon pledge
Kathy Phillips Davon pledge
Meredith Kent Davon pledge
Shannon Jeffcoat Thompson Davon pledge
Davida Lassow XM Davon pledge
Kristin Bersis Davon pledge
Pamela Bellucci Arnold Davon pledge
Shannon Stack Davis Davon pledge
John Hire Davon pledge
Lori Strock-Strohl Davon pledge
Mike Martin Davon pledge
Janice Costa Davon pledge
Julie Judie Mindrum Davon pledge
Stephanie Daniels Davon pledge
Manmeen Tuli Davon pledge
Suzyn Waldman James Brady in memory of Cookie and Buddy 2 beloved dogs sorely missed.
Diane Hausman in memory of Greta, a wonderful companion adopted from GSRCNY by the Fusco family.
Jean Scarselli Linda and Jim Wheeler in memory of Wilma Bartlett who loved her German Shepherds
Nicholas and Carol Brongo
John and Suzanne Graves and Meg
Ashley Wright
Theresa Driscoll
Jamees and Margaret Homburger
Lynn Schweikert and Petie
Frank Pinzone
Steve Barclay and Gretchen Onderdonk