Donations 2017

check        $ 50.00 

Phyllus          Henry and Charles Kucharski 

check        $ 100.00

John and Suzanne Graves and  Meg

check      $ 100.00

Steven Barclay and Gretchen Onderdonk


THomas Poitras         $ 100.00

Lyn  Kalnitz     $ 25.00

Mary  Adomaitis

Adam Pratt      $ 50.00

Dennis  Edwards   $ 25.00      In the name of "Baron "  and :Caesar both adopted from the CNY SPCA in past years and have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Patricia  Inserra    $ 20.00  In memory of the Tanner DeJohn a beloved German Shepherd who recently passed.

paypal donation $ 40.00   (Alice

Alice Spier

With love and special thanks to Mary Mackey...for all she does to help rescue "mans best friends". (We believe ALL animals are our best friends!)

LuAnn Dobson

James and Margaret Homburger

Sherrie Beaudette