Trucker is still looking for a home.

UPDATE 10/21/2013
Trucker is a special dog; a strong, intelligent young German Shepherd Dog who is learning how to use his body again after surgery and he's facing the challenge head on!
He is energetic, friendly, and loves attention. He is learning sit and come.  He is currently on a halter because of surgery but so excited to get out and explore the world with us! As he grows coordination, he'll learn to walk without pulling. Although the healing process to grow strength and coordination will take much of his time, focus, and energy his GSD nose and problem-solving abilities are working just fine.
Trucker is looking for a patient handler, able to work with him without neck tugs. He would benefit greatly from a foster or forever home able to give him frequent, regular short exercise sessions as he grows muscle strength. But just as important as physical rehabilitation, he needs all the daily clear consistent training, handling, and social opportunities that any well-trained German Shepherd Dog needs. 
Trucker may need alot from an owner at this point in his life, but he is also a dog who has much to give back to that special person. Maybe you're the one!   
UPDATE- FOR ALL OF YOU CONCERNED PEOPLE WHO OFTEN ASK, TRUCKER HAD HIS VISIT TO CORNELL AND IS DOING VERY WELL.  We spent the day friday  (7/5/13) getting x-rays and being examined . He is ready for either a dedicated foster home or a family of his own. He needs controlled exercise 3+ times daily to build up his strength. He may always have some unsteady movements but will now be able to live a long and happy life. We will also be neutering him shortly. This was not done previously due to his unstable condition.  This has been a long journey for both Trucker and us and we are thrilled with his progress. We think all the prayers and good wishes have worked. Many thanks to all of you who care about our wonderful boy.
UPDATE-  Trucker is going for a follow up at Cornell in July. We will keep you posted.
UPDATE  4/19/2013--  Trucker was seen at Cornell today and the news is he is in a guarded condition. His screws and pins have all broken and he has a pointed screw gravitating towards his spinal column. If this does reach the spinal column, surgery will again be necessary. Otherwise he  is doing very well. We are preparing for the worst and asking for donations towards further surgery in the event it is needed. If it isn't, the money will go towards his previous bill at Cornell. This young dog is a wonderful guy and deserves every chance to live a happy pain free life.
GSRCNY has a lovely 7 month old male pup named Trucker who was surrendered with the owners complaint of whining when lying down. After a week and a half he was down, paralyzed and unable to move anything but his head. He was rushed to Cornell Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca New York with a diagnosis of ”cervical injury” of unknown origin.After an MRI and a CT scan it was discovered that he has a cervical congenital malformation. This pups surgery, therapy and hopeful recovery will be a long and expensive journey. He will need weeks to months of specialized care and rehabilitation. It is only through the generosity of German Shepherd lovers like you that we can continue to help dogs like Trucker in their hours of need. Trucker is having surgery on Wednesday January 30th in the hopes that we can give him a pain free life. Please say a prayer for this wonderful guy.
UPDATE- Occipitoatlantoaxial malformations (OAAMs) occur infrequently in dogs.They frequently lead to variable degrees of spinal cord and brainstem compression.
Atlanto-axial instability refers to instability of the alantoaxial joint that leads to displacement of the axis (cervical vertebrae 1) in relation to the atlas (cervical vertebrae 2) and consequently spinal cord compression.
Trucker has a congenital malformation of the vertebrae in his neck called Atlantoaxial instability. This malformation was surgically corrected with a success rate of upwards of 80%. Since he did not have motor function before surgery his prognosis is fair.
UPDATE 3/20/2012 --TRUCKER  IS COMING HOME!!! . His arrival day is next wednesday. We cannot thank Joe Anderson enough for keeping this dear boy for the last few weeks while he needed constant care and had to be kept very quiet. He still has months of recovery to go but he has shown that with time he should be able to live a  healthy happy life. Trucker needs a foster home where he can continue to heal in a quiet environment. Can you be the one to help Trucker?
UPDATE 3/23/2012--TRUCKER IS HOME. He is still unsteady but he is up and walking and we are thrilled with his progress.