Rags To Riches

We are thankful for all the generous donations we have received this year.  Due to a computer scam we lost a great deal of our donors  names who normally would be thanked on our site. 



Below are Rags-to-Riches Stories of a few Lucky Dogs that have found their Forever Homes

New stories are always welcome

Czar (Formerly know as Madar)...in his own words...

I have been with my new family about a year now. When I arrived here I found the house to be big and the yard bigger.

I found a cat was already living here. I enjoyed chasing him around even though I got yelled at. It was worth it. When I was let out into the yard they would leash me to a small part of that big yard. So I would just snap that leash. What were they thinking? My new Momma would take me for walks in the neighborhood. I liked it. There aren't many houses, and I saw all those lovely places I could run.  The food is really good and I get treats too! I was thinking I could get used to this. We would go for car rides and walks in the park and sometimes I was able to go shopping at PetSmart with her. I really liked that. I never ran on those trips.

Momma plays games with me in the yard. When she has that racket and those balls, I get to play! She bats the ball and I get to run as fast as I can to try and catch them. What fun! I have a pool to cool off in when I get too warm and if I get dirty she will hose me off. I like that too. It's refreshing. I'm growing very fond of this home I couldn't ask for more accept maybe to stay forever.

Then one day out of the blue there was this little girl dog just like me. She was looking for a home too. She is just a baby and needs to be looked after all the time. She has to sleep in the crate still. I love my new home and my new family, my new mama, papa, little sister and even the cat. I don't run away any more I run into the house now.

From Czar's new parents:

Czar has been with us for a year now. He has passed the Canine Good Citizen Test. We are also enjoying the Agility classes. He is such a smart special dog. We couldn't help but get him a playmate. He is so sweet to the little girl. We are totally in love with this dog, both of us are proud to give this special boy a forever home and a forever family. We All Love Him

Rosie's Story as Told by Amy....

Evan and I had just moved back to Central New York from Brooklyn, where we coudn't have a dog. When I started my new job in the Syracuse City Schools, I met a wonderful teacher who volunteered for GSRCNY and also adopted a dog herself. I could tell she really cared about this organization!  She came to me one day in October last year and said & Amy, wouldn't you just love to take in a rescue dog that needs a home...maybe two? I was so overwhelmed with my first year of teaching and sometimes it never feels like it's the right time to take on something new, but she told me the story of Rosie and Rex. These two wonderful dogs had been surrendered to GSRCNY because one of their owners had passed away in a car accident, [singlepic id=112 w=320 h=240 float=right]leaving the mother and children to move to a smaller home where they could not keep their beloved Shepherds. After hearing their story and seeing the tears in her eyes, I thought I would ask if it was at all possible to meet them and see where it went (that's Amy code for &;You had me at woof, I just need to make it look like I need to think about it). So, we filled out an application and met the dogs. Well, it turned out that they thought that Rosie might do better as an only dog (she liked to have her own space) and my little Honda barely fit her (she weighed over 90 lbs. at the time as it was obvious he had been WELL loved). So the very next day after meeting Rosie, we decided to foster her. As it turned out Rex found a home shortly after! When we took Rosie to the vet for her first check up, she was deemed overweight and diagnosed with Lyme Disease (she had come from a high Lyme area) and our commitment and love for her grew. We treated the Lyme, formally adopted her, and put her on a diet! Soon, this 6 year old lover girl was chasing after balls and running with other dogs at the dog park (when we met her she enjoyed lying down with the ball under her so no one could get it). She is now 7 years old, weighs 74 pounds, loves cuddling, long walks and swimming in nearby lakes. We can't imagine our lives without her! Thanks GSRCNY!